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    HI All

    I was given a 2-8-2 IHC model train which has small white electronic connector to power the train from the coal tender to the engine, of which as my luck would have it the connector was always playing up.

    I have finally managed to get the connector brand and samples from a local agent.

    If anyone has trains from IHC and they have the same issue as I did the connector brand that you are looking for is Molex connectors, and the connector in question is the PicoBlade 1.25mm Pitch connector system.

    See the link below for the exact details, At the same time while re-wiring the train I also installed a DCC decoder as well now the train lives again.:D

    For those who do go ahead and re-wire the train, be aware that the contacts are small !!!!!:eek:




    added pic: zathros
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    Thanks for the info!

    I'm incorporating a similar idea into my steam locomotive rebuilds to standardize locomotive tenders. On eBay I found some micro six pin connectors that come with both male and female ends. Like the IHC products that have that plug (I have their Mountain in Soo Line) I plan on running the male end to the tender from the locomotive. Two pins will be for both + and - voltage, two for the motor and the last two will be for the headlight and markers (if I chose to get that ambitious) as I plan to run DCC with sound in all of my Whiskey River Railway steam fleet.