If I only had what it cost I would.

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    Greetings. This is my first post so you all do not know me. My name is David I currently live in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. I from a small town in Georgia and served 13 year in the US Coast Guard till I was medical discharged. After a failed attempt in running a hobby shop (FAILED DUE TO BAD LOCATION) I drove 18 wheelers till I was no longer able to work. So now I am a 44 year old retiree. Living in the States on disability is very hard life, living under the Proverty level. I met a young lady here in the PI, and instead of bring her there to the States, I came here to live. Cheaper cost of Living.

    I have this dream of a Farm and a working train layout using live Steam trains. It would cost more than I ever have, unless I find a Pot of gold someplace, and that not going to happen. Not only the cost isa holding me back, my health also. But it is a nice dream.

    This dream, I would have land with a Stream going through it, and alot of cleared farm land. I would have rails going to the stream, to load Tank cars with water. Then to the Fields of Veggies and Watermelons Where tyhe tank cars would be used to water them. Have orther cars on a different siding to harvest the products to carry to a road side stand to be sold. Along with that, I would have passenger cars to give rides, and a tourist route, with a fish pond for the one who like to fish, Picnic areas, Camping grounds, and also a Mall like setting of different stores. Access by rail only. In the States it would have to be seasonal, but where I live at now, I could run it year round. (really my wife would, It's illegal for me to work here).

    I have other dreams of a small scale layouts and if I can ever draw them out I will post them. Laters.