If I had a garage...

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    I struggle with how to move modules around the city... From work, where most of the construction took place. To the Toronto Maple Leaf 2003 Train Show. To home. And next to the Toronto Christmas Train Show.

    I don't own a car. Too expensive.

    I'm lucky that I have a friend with a Pick-up Truck who is willing to help out. Thanks Bill!


    If I had a Garage...

    I was watching some of the N-Trakkers at the Train Show. They had a convoy of large trailers to carry all their modules. Like big horse trailers...

    But they still have to unload the trailer and set up each individual module and connect them all together.

    I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool if the trailer >was< the module???"

    A lot of train shows are held in large buildings and convention centers that allow exhibitors to drive onto the floor to unload and set up their displays...

    I was thinking that a Pop-up tent trailer would be ideal:

    There must be a way to get your hands on one of these used. And if you get an old one that has the canvas rotted out and falling apart. That's just fine!

    How does a ~6' x ~20' portable layout sound???

    These trailers are usually around 6' wide and about 10 feet long. They have wings that pull out on two ends that are about 6' wide by 5' long that makes the whole thing ~6' x ~20'.

    So build your portable layout in one of these trailers! Slide out the two wings and insert or lift into place the middle section of the layout!

    Oh, and the roof that pops up... You can raise it up and have it filled with spot lights for better viewing.

    I'm sure that an OCMODS interface or two can be added to the outside edge of the layout to join with other modules.

    And jacking equipment can be built into the trailer so that you can get the variable 36" to 56" height.

    Obviously, this won't be something that you will be able to cart to the local church basement, but there might be a way to tip something like this onto its side to put on a pallet truck and move in and out of smaller venues...

    If you are going to dream, Dream Big!

    Just an idea that I had....

    So maybe someday....
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