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    This group welcomes collectors and operators who have a special interest in O Scale models of historic 36’ and 40’ ice reefers. Such cars were built and improved over time and used to transport perishables such as milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and meat throughout America during the early days before mechanical refrigeration of railroad cars.

    This marks the fifth anniversary of Atlas O's production of many of these highly detailed ice boxcars. Their production includes regular Atlas production models as well as several limited edition runs decorated especially for hobby shops. They, along with Weaver, K-Line, MTH, Lionel and others continue to offer many exceptional reproductions of reefers from this important era in railroad history.

    Atlas' replicas of Robert Wagner’s amazing scratch built and hand decorated cars are but one example of what is currently available to model railroaders, (See O Gauge Railroading – October 2001, Run 182). Wagner built 42 complete reefers from 1940 through 1998. His favorite and perhaps most spectacular being the Monarch Foods Reefer pictured on the group home page.

    The focus here is on those who like O Scale ice reefers, the original Wagner cars, the prototypes that the O scale cars are based on, steam locomotives that pulled consists including these cars, and billboard reefer and railroad history in general.

    We welcome all model railroaders and historians, especially hi-rail and scale modelers who enjoy talking the "World's Greatest Hobby" in any capacity.

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