I was on ebay and saw someone selling our free vids

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by fozz18, Aug 14, 2005.

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    I was searching ebay and came across this seller who had a collection of rc videos, all of wich are probobly free, his sample video is one of the SG Drift videos.I was disturbed by this because he is making money off of our hard work. Here is the sellers id ( ok_jewel ) and a link to the auction.


    I say spam the hell out of this guy.
  2. fozz18

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    for a good laugh

    he just email me back here it is for a good laugh


    thanks for your concern, i was unaware that some videos maybe copyrighted i
    will be sure to take them off my listing. Also id like to tell you that alot
    of videos on the cd are from my me and my friends the rest i have added to
    fill the rest of the cd."

    his email is mr_x_to_tha_z69@hotmail.com

    have fun everyone
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    Sadly tho, unless your 100% sure he used your video, theres nothing that can be done. I mean, you can complain all you want, but he may have accually got those peoples concents and such.
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    charging money for free content is still lame though...
    I doubt SG drifters are getting any money for it!
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    Doesnt matter. Its his right. Most sites now offer some form of protection against things like this on your content. This is his right, and im glad to see he's using it. Sure, most of the REAL drifters and such arnt going to see a dime, but that was their choice... there were plenty of things they could have done to protect the content. Tho its usually easy to bypass using a routed FTP server, it is fairly tightly protected.

    Him doing this, and sucseeding, makes me want to start making my own videos and doing this. Tho i wont use anyone elses vids, i may make a little DVD and sell it on ebay.

    Also, did it run threw anyone's minds (tho im sure its not the fact...) but did anyone think maby this guy is somehow associated with SG? I mean, it may accually be one of the guys on a new e-mail or something. Its highly unlikely, but is still a factor
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    its already been pulled

    ebay already pulled it last night due to copyright infringment
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    well considering he's from america,

    It does bot seem likely that he is affiliated with singapore
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    True... but you never know. He could very likely be a sound director or something they met online, and he has royalties to the videos. But as i said, its HIGHLY unlikely.

    Thats why if i REALLY want something to be known as mine and dont want someone else messing with it, i put my name on it everywhere i can. I dont put the little C on it for copywrites, cause its not, and that itself would be infringement... But putting my name and such on it isnt.
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    he did admit that he didn't know that it was copyrighted material I posted his email. But you do make a valid point.
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    Thats bull that he didnt know. Its all over those videos. I mean, geeze. What a lamer. Hes just embarassed he got caught...
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    you nailed it.