I need to find a smaller Diesel Engine with DCC & Sound?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by vanda32547, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Hi fellow railroaders,

    I just received my Proto 2000 SF E6A/B unit today in the mail and was surprised at the overall size of this beast. :eek:

    My BLI Steam Engine is 8" long not including tender and my locomotives are 7" not including the couplers. This E6 is 9 1/2" long and looks like it would be out of place on my small layout. Not to mention that I have a short radius (15") on one end of my layout. I know...shame on me for this radius, but what is done is done. :oops:

    All of my other locomotives handle this track just fine but I am concerned about my new aquisition and before I open it, I need some advice because I may have to return it to the vendor.

    Any ideas or suggestions of manufacturers who make smaller diesels equipped with DCC & Sound. It does not have to be a E6 A/B unit. I am modelling the 1945-1955 era on my layout.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
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    The E6 A/B would have been restricted to mainline use as it was a "state-of-the-art" new acquisition assigned to high speed frieght or passenger service. It was not used as a switcher. Is there part of your layout that represents this aspect?

    As for what might be more appropriate, switchers like SW-1 or NW1 are early diesels that might go with the E unit. MR did an article a little while ago (don't know exact date) on squeezing sound into this little unit.