i need a cheap car but have no idea

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    im looking for a fairly cheap rc car $50 or under in US money i dont want to buy online but i want it to be as fast as possible for under 50 dollars here are some of the things the car requires

    -would like AA or AAA or c or d batters whatever u need for the car and like a rectangle battery (i dont kno the name) for the remote control ; NOTE I DO NOT WANT TO BUY THOSE HUGE RECHARGABLE BATTERY PACKS i want batterys i can buy in everyday stores
    -very fast for under $50


    for ppl that reply thank you very much and viewers and readers thxs also
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    You have left me in the corner with these very strict guidlines, there really isnt anyrc car not even radio shack cars that are 4wd under 50 dollars.

    Tamiya makes there toy version rc car, BUT its rwd and it comes with a radio and such and battery

    Hpi Also makes a toy car called the dash, its as close as you get to hobby grade as you can replace some parts on there. comes as rtr

    radio shack/ anyother department stores, they sell some decent cars but you will have to look around to find a fast car, some look nice but are slow as hell lol.

    You said you dont want to go to ebay but you can pick up very great deals there, you could most likely get a tl-01 for under 50 dollars!
  3. thxs for the help but i can do with rwd as long as its fast ill tell all the ppl that care the reason and what ive done and y i need a new car

    ok so my friend got a brand new like $100 rc car its 4wd and very fast and it uses 4 AAA batteries for the car and a rectangle battery for the controler and i had a rc car alredy but it was like as slow as a zipzaps rc mini car but i think was about 1:30 scale and about 6in long anyways. i wanted one as fast as my friends or possibly even faster. so i went in my garage took apart about 8 toys with motors in them took aprart some other things with motors also and then build a rc car using the 1:30 6in car as steering for the front wheels and used the fastest motor which was on a dune buggy thing for the rear wheels and created the base out of lego and cardboard. i spent about $30 dollars on soldering metal wire, a 18,000 rpm high speed motor, and on like a 8-pack of d batteries then i found out that d,c,AA,and AAA all have the same voltage so i could use the same amount of d batteries and AAA batteries. also i found out the 18,000 rpm motor wouldnt fit. but i opened both packages for the motor and batteries and had no use for them but couldnt take them back to the store for a refund. i was realy angry at myself lol. in the end me and my friend drag raced and my car was as slow as an 80 yr old grandma walking down the stairs lol so thats y i want a new car badly
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    You know what... As a hobbiest on a budget i have done some crap toy mods. Man your lists of things that you have done reminds me of my old times :S I felt the same way :(

    Its pretty impressive to see a 4wd car to be running on AA batts. What i recommend for you is to do a custom job agian. Ok I have to tell ya you can buy a 30 dollar rc car at walmart ( it was a 1/18 scale Import Tuner race car (the yellow imprezza)) and make it a monster in straight line racing by doing a few mods.

    Ok first what you should do add a battery with more voltage. You know what skip the AA, try to find a 9.6 volt rechargable battery pack with recharger ( radio shack should sell ) Strap the battery pack on the car and get a female battery connector from a hobby shop ( 2 dollar) put the female battery connector on the + and _ termanals on the car to replace the weak AA power with the 9.6 v power.

    the car is rwd so you will be squealling off in donuts, you will want to improve the grip, install some grippy tires from another toy ( glue gun and custom fitting may be required)

    You good to go. but you may want to add some other mods to improve peformance ( tell me what you think...)

    If you want to just buy car as it is... just look around on websites and such

    good luck!
  5. thxs for help but i think i want to buy a car that is rtr out of the box from like walmat, target, radioshack, or circuit city or sumthing. i want their fastest car that takes AA or AAA baterries and i dont care if its awd or rwd and the rc itself has to be $50.00 or under (give or take) maximum i will possibly go in $60 (thats not including batteries)
  6. i think the best u can do there is an x-mod... only thing i can suggest to you, honestly if you want a decent ride in this hobby you have to lay down a little bit more paper than 50 bucks