I have never related doing business with a dealer before but feel compelled to now

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gil Finn, May 9, 2007.

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    eBay Store - The Train Connection: Atlas HO Code 83 Track, Atlas HO True-Track, MRC Transformers, Power Packs


    This guy had many hard to find items I needed and some I just stocked up on. His prices I think are very good.

    I missread the combined shipping discount on a $125+ order and emailed him before I saw my err.

    Even then I realized correct amount was fair.

    He emailed back that yes it was high and with even the discount he would do better for me. He said there were some bugs in the Ebay/paypal system he had not yet over come on multible purchases so generaly he does it by hand and emails to buyer about it.

    I saved a great deal of money with him to begin with and his offer on the shippng was even more attractive. Far better than any one I have dealth with.

    He sent me several personal emails, shipped my items with in hours of the sale and was an all round great guy.

    If you use ebay and some of you dont I know, I still recomend Jon.

    Gil Finn