I have an idea i think may be neat... but kinda bad in a way

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by SpArKeY_STi, Jul 14, 2004.

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    Like the title says, i have a cool idea, but it may not be cool in the magizenes eye. I just recieved my new RC Driver Mag, and cant wait to read it... specially the "How to tune your TC" part. And i thought, hrm... wouldnt that be farking awsome if readers could write lil articles on stuff? Like when a new product comes out, after it his shelfs people can write reviews and send them in and be posted in the mag for not only the mags view, but people of all ages and what not.

    Then i thought, why stop there... have people write tips and whole tuneing articles and what not. Maby not some 3 page ones or what not... but lil paragraph ones or what not.

    Or, in the best interest of the mag... a "Fan page". Where 3 -5 pages are deticated to stuff readers write and send in. Weather it be a picture they drew, a article they wrote, or just someone saying this is a freaking awsome mag... have all that collegded on to a few pages.

    What do you (more so the opinon of the magazine) think of this?
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    Re: I have an idea i think may be neat... but kinda bad in a

    Spark its sounds like a good idea. But why not just have a forum. Were the people that have the parts can write in and add reviews and if liked by the mag put in the mag? Sounds like a easyer way to do it to me.
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    Ya... im just saying, it would be cool to have a "fan page" thing somewhere in the mag.
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    yeah i think that would be cool cause i bet way more people read the mag than actually go to rc forums. many people dont like computers but love to read magazines etc.
    i think it would be great