I gots a question, i hope you have an awnser.

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by SpArKeY_STi, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Is it normal for a FIRST TIME racer running a Electric TC3, to keep up with 1/8th Scale Nitro On-Road cars? Cause I went to my local track today to race, but no electrics showed up, but i needed practice as iv yet to complete a lap... EVER! So i head out, theres a NTC3 out and some other 1/8th guy. I pass the pits when another 1/8th guy comes out. Hes behind me for a good... 5 laps. Then my battery starts poopin out on me, so i head in. Now, heres my set up, then awnser my question pls.

    Ko Propo Mars EX-1
    Trinity Chameleon 2
    19(22?)/72 ( i think thats it... eather way it needs uped)
    Futaba MCR230
    and some parts are CFC and the rest are stock, cept the chassis' drilled.

    So, with that set up, should i TRUELY be BEATING... BADLY a 1/8th Scale Nitro on-road?
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    The question is why is this in the electric off road area.
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    ... grr... read it again... slowly. I said, 1/8th On-Road like 3 times.
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