I am Interested in Getting into Drift

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by magnat, Oct 20, 2005.

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    I am interested in getting an RC car set up for Backyard Drift comps held amoungst Friends..

    One Of us Has a large Concrete Drive way (100Metres long 8metres long and smooth)
    I am on a limited Budget and dont have much time to build from a Kit...

    I was looking at Tamiya's Expert Built TT-01* Shaft Driven AWD Chassis as a Starting point (I would also like to Know are Body shells interchangeable) and I have Checked at my Local Hobby Store that I could get all I needed for $400AUS..
    ( Using the Expert Built Calsonic Skyline as a Start)

    *Not exactly sure of the exact Chassis Number

    I am not really interested in Turning Pro or anything, Just as a Hobby...
    Any Help would be good.. Tamiya seems to be the Only RC Cars I can get in my immediate Area
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    Tamiya isnt a bad start. They have a lot of good hobby level cars and such. The bodys are mostly interchange able, just make sure your chaging them with the same leghtn (190mm vs 200mm).