I-250 (MiG-13) from Bumazhnoe modelirovanie

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    My passion are experimental, passenger and post WWII jet planes. I like airplanes in common.
    Design of I-250 with piston and jet engines has started in 1944. The maiden flight was on 03/03/1945. There were produced 8 fighters I-250 renamed into MiG-13. MiG-9 and Yak-15 soon replaced this aircraft and the career of MiG-13 ended in 1948.


    I would like to give few recommendations in a case someone just started build of this model:
    1. The part 2a from instruction is labeled as part 29a.
    2. The ailerons are a bit longer than should.
    3. It's necessary to pay attention to parts 42, 42a, 43 as shown in picture. Parts should be built in a way connections marked 1 and 2 by red fit together.
    4. Part 13L is shown incorrectly in an instruction. Look below.


    5. I think the parts 15 and 17 should be done from wire.
    6. I think the parts 14 should be perpendicular to parts 13L and 13R accordingly. It would let to avoid situated gears too far forward and the problem shown below.


    So at the moment the cockpit should be done and that's all. :wave: