Hurricanes Cancel Amtrak Service

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    from the WRAL news website:

    Bonnie, Charley Affect Amtrak Schedules Thursday
    New York To Miami Routes Canceled

    POSTED: 6:59 pm EDT August 11, 2004
    UPDATED: 7:09 pm EDT August 11, 2004
    RALEIGH, N.C. -- Two hurricanes approaching the Florida coast have prompted Amtrak officials to cancel several East Coast passenger trains Thursday.

    All trains that originate out of New York or Miami -- which are the Silver Star (trains 91, 92), Palmetto (trains 89, 90) and Silver Meteor (trains 97, 98) -- have been canceled for Thursday.

    Trains already en route will continue through to their final destination. All six trains operate daily between New York and Florida, serving several cities in eastern North Carolina.

    However, trains running between Raleigh and Charlotte will continue to operate. The state-sponsored Piedmont (trains 73, 74) and Carolinian (trains 79, 80) are expected to run on their regular daily schedules. The Crescent (trains 19, 20), which operates between New York and New Orleans, also will operate on its normal schedule.