Hurricane Black Eye

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    Sorry, I got hit really hard by the Hurricane. The eye of this thing passed really close to me. 70% of the town has no power and I just got it back, as I live 50' feet from the N.Y. state border and the New York grid is made of better stuff, I guess! We had been running off a generator since Saturday, the power came on 45 minutes ago, so...................Sing It!!! .......... "Back from the Shadows Again, Out where an Indian's your friend, were the Vegetables are Green and you can Pee right into the stream, (and that's important!) We're back from the Shadows again!! tooth1

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    That is pretty good to hear. I like good news :)
    So, that means light for modelling and power for computers and forums, too :D

    OK, so... ahem... "Baaaack from the shadows agaaaaain, ooooout where an Indiaaaan's your friend..." (I can't get the melody right, I think)
    ;) & ;)
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    I see Irene drop by your place to !! We got some high winds and on and off rain , We did lose power for awhile, Lucky our neighbor work construction and has a gas generator in his truck ! So we wired the our house's til the power came back , Their some parts of the city still w/ out power :(
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