Huberts Model Railroad Corp.

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    Jun 16, 2006
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    Hi Group, August 28th, 07.
    Tuesday 19:20 Hrs. M.D.T.

    A While Back Huberts Model Railroad Corp Took Over the
    Assets of L.B.F. :cry: I Checked Their Website this Past Wkd, and
    See That It Has Been "Suspended":nope:.
    This Isn't Good for Buisness Unless the Company is In say
    "Financial Straits" etc.
    Ideally I Would Have Like to Have Seen L.B.F. Taken Over
    By Someone Like say Red Caboose, or Atlas, or Someone Else
    Who Makes Both HO & H Scale.:thumb:.
    I Do Like their High Cube Box Cars and Gondolas Etc.
    Questions Anyone? Answers Greatly Appreciated.

    Thanks Group.
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    Huberts Model Railroading

    :wave:Well, I've just gone to their website (Hubert's Model Railroad Mfg. Corp.!, When one type of freight isn't enough!!) and there's nothing there that says it's suspended. Maybe they were doing an upgrade, or perhaps you had an old address?