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What Drifts better?

  1. Yokomo Drift kit

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  2. HPI Stage - D

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  1. DriftFreak

    DriftFreak Guest

    THis is really more of a voting topic.
    which do you think drifts better:
    Yokomo drift kits?approx 365$ AU
    HPI EP STAGE-D drift kit? approx 249$ AU
    VOTE NOW. lol :p
  2. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Fixed it for you :wink:

    But IMO, I dont like the Yok drift rings. They are very brittle and dont last. However, that shouldnt be the deciding factor in what kit to buy cause you can always just change the tyre type. But Im a fan of HPI. I have the Micro RS4, and have drivin the Pro 4, Pro 3, and Nitro MT and they all were solid. However, with the HPI you dont get a tub chassis, so a drift into the wall will send your stuff flying out of the car if now tied down REALLY good. My final vote would have to be HPI tho.