HPI RS4 Sport 2 - What's a good drift set up?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tonberry_hunter, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Whats a good drift set up for a HPI RS4 Sport 2?

    Below are pics of my OFNA LD3, decked out with Yokomo, HPI, XXX Main, RAM lighting, Varad RC neon and Traxxas parts. The engine is a Traxxas .15 that I custom fit, power start and all :) I custom made the light buckets and fit them with a ram super brite headlight and working brake light kit. I designed the wing graphic on paper then scanned and sized. Next it was then printed it to Frisk it mask film and applied it to the inside of the body before doing the blue. Once that was done I pealed it away and sprayed white to back everything.


    below is another porject I am working on.. Painting is done just need to figure out what platform its gonna sit on and so on.

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    Yes you can use the Yokomo's on your Car.. The Yokomo's have too much Grip for Electric but may be better for Nitro , they just wont last Very long..

    For Drift electric Shaft Driven is Desirable..
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    Umm.. are you talking the new yoks or the old yoks? Cause umm, if memory serves me, Yok didnt have a nitro drift car. They came out with the older style chassis, new body, shaft drive mods, and drift tires. Hard plastic with plastic rings. These are so traction non existant that on a nitro you just wouldnt go anywhere. The tires would be bald bt the time you do a sweeper drift.
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    The ones without the Drift rings, They have too much Grip for electric so we chucked them on a Smart Tech Nitro and they go fine, they just wear out Quickly
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    Ahh, ya, i havent gotten my hand on a pair of those yet. Stupid hobby town USA wont order any... punks.
  7. I ended up just getting a Yokomo DRIFT Package and ordered some yokomo rims and tires. The weather has been to crappy here for me to try anything yet though.. :( I am gonna set up my RS4 Sport 2 for drift so it can race the new Yokomo. Well at least while I wait for nice weather I can work on detailing and what not on my rides :)
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    Well its not really for sale but do you want the whole car or just the body.. The car itself is fine although I think its gonna need a new engine if you plan on racing it. The Traxxas .15 in there needs a tune up.
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    Which Drift Package did you get ??