HP Photosmart 1315 inkjet printer

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    Hi all,

    I would like to convey my satisfaction with this printer.

    The Photosmart line of printers is very much like multipurpose tool, loads of features and gadgets if you know how to use them.

    When I bought this printer, it was the top of the line, 2.5 inch LCD screen to preview and edit pictures, built in page layout and photo editing features, while these features work, I rather edit the pictures in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

    The printer has a total three(3) card reader slots, Compact Flash/IBM Microdrive, Sony Memory Stick, and Smart Media.

    As for printing paths, there are two, one for 4x6 paper, be it photo quality or other, and a regular paper path, with a capability for a range of sizes, 4x6 up to 8.5x14, with a maximum capacity for 150 sheets Letter and Legal size, interesting note, I have printed a pdf file on a 3x5 index card, the printer took with no hang ups(so if I ever feel the need for really small kits.....)

    As for the inks, the HP 45 and 78 are used, the 45 has a maximum volume of 42 ml, and the 78 is sold in two different volumes, one is 19ml and the other(best value)is 38ml.

    I will caution those, the 1315 is last year's model, having been replaced by the Photosmart 7550, capable of handling 6 different memory cards and printing up to 7 colors, only negative, the LCD screen on the 7550 is about 1/3 smaller than what is on the 1315.

    happy printing

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    I posted that last message over a year ago, and since then HP has released the 7550, now they have released the 7960, an 8 color printer.

    the resolution of the 1315 is 2400x1200, and for the 7550 and 7960, is 4800x2400

    most of these specs I gleaned off of the HP website.

    Maybe it will help someone

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    Feb 8, 2004
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    Well, just got an HP Photosmart 7260, it's not as fancy but all I could afford at the moment - my old HP Deskjet 712C bit the dust and had to make an emergency purchase

    Guess I will see if this is an improvement...

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    And what can you say about HP Photosmart 7450? (I'm gonna get one) Can I restore catridge in this printer by my-self?