how to weather wood model

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    Gee Kenny, there are people who charge for information like that. The video is a very clear and easy to understand tutorial, and I think it may even apply to some of the paper architecture that is done on the Card models. very nice work indeed!
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    Dec 15, 2008
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    He has some good techniques, but I like to use the india ink minimally to darken other colors, rather than representing gray.

    To represent gray, I will dilute gray acrylic paint with rubbing alcahol, and wipe it on and off. I use diffewrent concentrations, so the gray color varies form poad to board.

    Sometimes I get lazy and build a structure out of raw wood, and spray paint it with several shades of gray, and then dust it with a light coat of paint to represent the final color, letting the gray show through.

    when I do that I can also cut a emory board to the width of the boards used. then I can lightly sand each individual board, and expose more or less of the underlying gray.

    I used these techniques on an engine house on my home RR's thread over in the logging, mining and industrial section. the thread is called something like logging in east Tn in 1928 on the DG CC &W RR I have over 50 pages on that thread, the engine house build is toward the end I think.

    build with wood, when the building modeled is wood, nothing looks as much like wood as wood. in a well painted and maintained building, you can use other materials easily and make it work, for a aged, weathered wood structure, it is much easier to use wood.

    Bill Nelson