How to post images in the chat roooooom

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    First, you have to have it on-line, on the internet, not just on your local computer, not just on your harddrive. If it's on a web site, it's on-line. If you can get to it http://somewhere, your all set and can go to step 2. If it's not already on-line, you can post it in the photograhy forum and then it will be on-line. If it's not of interest to the masses and you don't want it left there, you should indicate this in the subject line, and delete it later. I will explain how to delete the post below.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~step 2~~~~~~~~~~~

    2 - know the images url, the address, if you already know it, go to step C. If not, go to the image with your browser (go to the post or the web page that shows the image). Then right click the image for a menu. If it says "copy image location" like with netscape, just click that and the address goes into memory and you can go to step C. If you are using MSIE, you will not have that option. you can select "properties" instead, which will reveil the url. It looks something like:

    (if you posted it) or:


    (if it's on your web site)

    If it ends in .html, it's probably wrong. So, once you see it in the properties, you can write it down if you're a simple caveman, or highlight it, right click and select "copy" (to later be pasted)


    C - post it. Use this protocal:

    <IMG src="http://www.mywebsite/mypicture.gif">

    So, if you copied it into memory in step 2, you can just type in <IMG SRC=" the right click and select paste, press the end key, or arrow over to the end and type "> then press enter!


    <IMG src="">


    <IMG SRC="">

    You can practice with the examples, just cut and paste into the line in the chat room where you normally type and press enter. Magic. Now you know a little html :D :D :D

    ~~~~~~~~Deleting a temporary post~~~~~~~~

    Go back to your post, click edit, then check the box on the left, nect to "Delete?" and then click the "Delete Now" box to the left.

    Note: You can only do this on your own posts.

    Warning: If it is the first post in the thread and you delete it, it will take any replies that have been made along with it. This is why you made the subject "temporary post for chat" or such :)
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    Hi Jon,
    congratulations and thanks for your clear instructions!

    (Hehe, I already knew it - yeah, from YOU :D :D :D ) - but just the same I copied the text for me. We're gettin' older, ain't we? :rolleyes: So I'll keep it for reference on my computer.

    Wish that every instruction concerning actions on our computers were that clear like yours! :)

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    That one I printed out, now I just have to figure out where to keep any images I might want to post in the chat room, because I never know what I'll need, I'll have to store ALL of them.:D :D
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    Thanks Jon!

    Val, a VERY patient person, walked me through this one night during chat. I did not, however, write it down. Now i have. Well not really, "right click, save as" doesn't really count as "write it down" does it?

    The computer age can be SO confusing!!! All my analogies are anachronisms.

    In my pipe and smoking it. Wait, is this a smoking or non-smoking website?

    Wait #2 , I don’t smoke!

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    Thanks jon!