How to attach pictures or files to a post

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    While I was writing the gallery tutorial, I couldn't help thinking that this would be a good follow-up, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything similar, so here's how to add pictures and files to your forum posts.

    You've just started a new thread and you want to add a picture or two, or a file, but don't know what to do next? You can either click the little paperclip icon above where you type your post or scroll down to below the post box and click the "Manage Attachments" button, either of which will open a popup window...


    Click the browse button and navigate your way to the file(s) you want to attach.


    Click the upload button and wait. Depending on the file size and your connection speed, this could take a few seconds (or in some cases, minutes).


    Repeat the above step for as many files as you like (up to a maximum of 6 per post). You will see each filename appear in a list as they upload. When all your files are uploaded, you can close the popup window and return to your post.


    The files are uploaded but they are not a part of the post yet. Clicking the paperclip icon again will show you a list of the files you just uploaded, clicking each individual filename will insert that file into the post at the position the cursor is at when you click it.


    When a file is added to the post, you will see some strange looking text that looks nothing like a picture or the file you uploaded at all, this is a bbcode link to your file, it will look something like this:

    You can copy and paste this code anywhere in your post (just in case it ends up in the wrong place, ie: above text instead of below etc).


    So there you have it, your files are in the post, click "Submit Post"... we're done!
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    Attching Photos for Private Messages

    I have been trying to attch photos in private messages and I can't seem to find a way. It's different. There is a "Insert Image" but that would be using a outside source. Is there way to attach from my own hard drive. Sorry if some one else posted this, Thank you for any and all help.
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    No, not anyway that I have found. The site could be used for "uncontrollable" actions, involving almost any kind of photo you could imagine.