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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by WRdrifterX, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Hey all, as you can see im new, I have been reading up on RC drifting and I want to get into it, Im looking at the AE86 model and the 180, im not sure which one to get. I like them both alot, but can anyone just give me advice on what to get for it, parts, accessories, etc..... so i can become an RC drifter :D

  2. Beskone

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    well the yokomo kits are exactly the same except for the bodies, so pick which ever one you like best, pick up a radio, 27t stock motor and a battery and get drifting!

    - Brian
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    Sounds good to me, now all I have to do is get my mom to let me borrow her credit card to order it, lol, No hobby stores that carry Yokomo stuff in Orlando, and im not going to Miami anytime soon :p
  4. Why you wanna get Yokomo Drift Car? The best thing about them (apart from the sweet shell) is the drift tyres, and you can buy them separately anyway???
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    i got a tamiya TL01 4x batts, 2x bodies, one is new painted drift S13 in red with black bonnet.

    all you need is radio gear, charger, and motor, and esc and you are drifteo man

    looking at around $200AUS
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