How Do You Guys Do It?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Cannonball, Dec 6, 2006.

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    Cannonball, you want to know a funny story about the patience dilemma?

    Well, I'm a teenger--a junior in high school--at one of the most crucial points of my life--and I have the time, money, and patience to build a layout, albeit how small it is. When I was about 10 or so, I had two big 4x8 tables to build an 0-27 layout, and I never did because I didn't think I could.

    Not only did I think I couldn't, I spent so many hours dreaming about having my own custom layout with cool graphics like 2-8-2's layout and looking at pictures in Model Railroader. They intimadated me to NO end. I didn't want to build a layout for fear it wouldn't look like the pro's.

    Boy, I can't tell you how wrong I was. I'm sometimes impatient when it comes to modelling, and I hated building scenery. But now that I've done it, I can't praise it enough. My little layout doens't look like something out of Model Railroader... but it looks realistic enough to believe an adult did it. (No offense!)

    And the best thing? I did it all myself. All with my own money. All with my own time while I'm trying to choose my life path AND enjoy high school.

    Yeah, and the sense of euphoria you get when you make progress on a model railroad is like nothing else in the world. Knowing that I built it, and it's on par with professional layouts (I think anyways... how many teens do you know with 6 DCC locos all in a prototypical time period on a decent looking realistic layout?)

    Try it. That was my hardest step. My parents told me I'd never have the ability to build a layout. But man, boy oh boy did I prove them wrong. :thumb:

    (Sorry for the long winded post... but it's so true!)
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    Dec 4, 2006
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    Thanks again, everyone.
    Very inspirational posts. :)

    I've got a plot in my head now to use what I can of my O27 stuff and do a simple doorway layout that can be stored away and do basicly the same for my daughter with her HO train she's getting for Christmas. After that, I'm going to unload whatever leftovers there are and go to N gauge so I can do a more detailed layout in smaller spaces. That will get the full treatment with mountains and trestles and all kinds of good stuff. Maybe within a year or two, I'll have some pics to put up. :D
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    Will, thanks for those links:D
    I will look at them when I have time but they look really cool. I liked the one with planes. Hard to get scale planes so it should be interesting. :)
    Thanks again.
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    Time right now is at a premium as I am working 10.5 hours a day 6 days a week and travel 45 minutes each way. But my job is either OT plus or layoff. So time is easy to come by when layed off. In fact you guys will know when I am layed off by the amount of responses on the gauge.
    Money as I said before OT. I buy when working long hours. Also there are cheap ways to do almost anything if you just think about it.
    Space is no problem I started in an old shed in back yard. I have added to it one time for total of about 450 square feet. Getting ready to add again for another 300-400 square feet. Sheds are inexpensive to build. (I have 5 acres in the country)
    Patience is most important. Learn to walk away, this is a life time hobby. Only God can create the world in 6 literal days.
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    To me its simple!
    spend what time and money as you can, and just enjoy the fact that I have a hobby!
    So many people have to worry about food on the table, never mind a hobby!!
    I am blessed,
    And I never plan on finishing this layout! It is a lifetime thing, so I have plenty of patience!
    What I do not finish will be left to my grandkids so that they can enjoy it too!

    Every morning before school, I watch my 8 yr old grandson for an 1 1/2. we work together on tracklaying or a building, whatever! The point is is that it is so nice to be part of this hobby and share it witha young man whose enthusiasim is shown on a daily basis.

    OH! PS. The fact that I do this for a living too helps! LOL