How about a Roll-By??? BNSF 54 car Mixed Freight Train (EXTREMELY PIC HEAVY)

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    Now if I had that kind of time, I would download all the pictures, and put them in an animation that flashes the pics by about 2 per second, so it looks like an olde tyme flippe booke.

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    CNWman, I could run an all limestone train, an all taconite train, an all raw ore train, or a MRS (Miscellaneous road freight) which the Missabe runs twice a week, but it isnt real interesting either, lumber cars, a box car, and some covered hoppers. No reason I cant do one I guess, but Ill just have to admitt, it will never be as good as TruckLovers.

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    Railroader ~~ Thanks :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I wanna do another one like this. I found myself in a bit of trouble today, haveing just bought 42 more frieght cars :eek: :eek: Hmmmmmm maybe another roll-by coming? I dont know, maybe ill make it just a weeee bit longer this time, maybe have around 70 cars in the train this time :cool: :mrgreen:

    Wayne ~~ Thanks buddy :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I learned that one from Deano :thumb:

    Puddlejumper ~~ sign1sign1sign1 that would have been pretty cool.

    Deano ~~ Thanks!!!! Hows this, on my next roll-by ill make the UP units the lead units in the train. I might have to have 5 units lashed up tho for the next one, ill have 3 UP's and 2 BNSF's :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Josh ~~ Thanks. I cant wait to see some roll-bys from you, with that awesome track plan you showed me a few weeks ago that should give you plenty of room for LONG frieght trains :mrgreen: :thumb: :mrgreen:. Ohh and lol, about the "mirror" backround :oops: :oops: sign1 sign1 sign1 I need to get a backdrop :rolleyes: :mrgreen:

    Chessie ~~ hehehehehehe I like them semi-realistic lol. Your roll-by's are pretty awesome too tho, i love all the videos :thumb: :thumb: :mrgreen:

    Kevin(krey) ~~ I agree with CNW, Roll-by's are roll-by's lol. There all fun to look at. Even if it is just all ore cars. How about you do a mixed frieght train but have mixed freight in the front of the train and have the ore cars in the back of the train. I almost like it better when the whole train is the same kind of car, its realistic. Like the coal trains and the intermodal trains, id say that I like the coal and intermodal more then mixed frieght trains. I just dont have enought coal hoppers and intermoal cars YET to do a good sized train lol. Notice how I said YET!!! I have 23 more intermoal well cars coming :eek: :eek: makeing my total for those around 37 i think (im not exactly sure how many i have at the moment :oops:). But you can bet another intermodal roll-by will be coming up from me :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    I say go for it Kevin :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Kevin(nachoman) ~~ that sounds like a pretty cool idea. I might just try that and see how it comes out :cool: thanks for the idea Kevin :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    This is cool.