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    Nov 16, 2004
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    new to this site, looks like a good one !
    am not new to MRRing however.
    as a kid, i had a lot of HO scale.
    my main desire was always post war Lionel,
    which, thanks to ebay, have acquired
    quite a bit of ...
    thot it would be nice to have some 'newer'
    technology, so about a year ago, purchased
    a Williams GP-9, supposedly horn equipped.
    sure enough was, however a cracked tracing
    on the pc board prevented operation.
    replaced it with a board from the company
    that supposedly supplies Williams...
    i can only get intermittent operation, mainly
    if i have the throttle pegged, and, even
    then it is erratic. all of my connections are
    soldered fine.
    i have an old 2037 w/ a whistle tender and it
    blows perfectly.... am using a LW 125 transformer.
    i have seen elsewhere on the net that Williams horns
    are 'touchy',, is this true and are there any cures ?

    complete regards in advance.
    BNSF just rolling thru my town on the main line as i post ....!