Horizon Hobby Distributors, the Death of Athearn

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by marc gast, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Sep 7, 2003
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    Hey Rich,

    I said that I liked your work in several of my posts, I had clearly indicated that I would like to buy some of the pre-1940 cars that you may consider weathering in the future.

    I think the photographs are great too. My issue is not about your work, it's about promoting your business on the forum.

    I just think that the forum is not the proper venue for promoting the business. Most forum members would agree that another category would be more appropriate.

    The issue isn't about maturity, it's about descretion.

  2. marc gast

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    Nov 16, 2003
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    Weathered and Weary


    Nice work!!!!! To bad Horizon wants to but a nail in your coffin along with all of us other custom work stuff. Branchline does Christmas, Holiday cars, etc. ConCor does the 12 days of Christmas using Athearn, etc.

    Horizon is going to kill of a segment of the market which they don't realize or don't give a S()$(@*#($*_# ,generates a ton of revenue.

    What about Athearn's move to "N" scale which had been in the works. With Horizon, I see this as history. The growth in the Genisis line will do one of two things. Either become the standard line of rolling stock (way over priced as is KayDee), eliminating the standard rolling stock which is affordable for those just entering the hobby, or die.

    Keep our finger crossed.

    Maybe if enough of us approach Horizon directly, things will change.


  3. Russ Bellinis

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    Feb 14, 2003
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    Horizon will either adapt to the market, the market will change to meet Horizon, or Horizon will get out of the model railroad business. Remember Ertl? They are still in business, but not the model railroad business. They got GREEDY, and the market responded by not buying their products. Horizon becoming the exclusive distributor of a line of products that they bought makes perfect sense. If I had ponied up the cost to buy Athearn, I would be the exclusive distributor of the line. Will they continue a policy of only selling to storefront dealers? I don't know. If their sales go down because the storefront dealers aren't moving enough product, watch them change. The goal is to sell product at a profit. If they don't meet the goal, they will do what it takes to meet the goal, or go out of business. Regarding Rich's comments about the costs going up for his weathered cars, I doubt it makes any difference. Rich takes a shake the box kit, adds details, upgrades the wheelsets, and does a superb weathering job on them. He puts them on ebay where bidders raise the price on what is basically a $6.00 kit with perhaps another $10.00 worth of parts and bid them up over $100.00.
    Why, I think they appreciate his "art." If Rich has to pay an extra $2 or $3 for a car that he will end up selling on ebay for over $100.00 will it make any difference?