Hon30 working coal mine

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    Jun 4, 2005
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    hey guy's
    im new to this website and i think your all in the US but ah well
    i had the idea of making a fully working Hon30 coal mine/distrobution piece to fit into a Hon30 narrow gauge layout i am creating. Been thinking about using a system of converyers to move the coal (basic model suply coal) from a dumping area(lower station/goods area) to the mine area. Then obviuosly it is somehow conveyed into trucks.(which'll all have to been scratch built so they can have a way of offloading the coal at the dumping site)
    i dont know what do you guys think?
    any ideas?
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    The kind of animation you're suggesting has been done, but not by very many.
    For starters, study the prototype methods of loading, and unloading.
    1: How does the coal get from the mine to the first "transportation"?
    2: Once picked up at the mine, where does it go, and how is it unloaded?
    3:Where and how does it go from there?
    The methods difer, and one of them will lend itself to model animation, ie will be easier to animate in the scale you're working in.