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    Jun 7, 2012
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    Just here at the request of Zathros, who wanted me to introduce myself to everybody.
    I used to do some paper modelling years ago, and have recently started again. My skills are rusty, but they are still there. I was facinated by Uhu02's work. That was one of the things that led me here. I think once I feel a little more limbered up, I will tackle a couple of his designs. They are really good.
    I like pretty much anything. I don't work in specific genres. Mostly whatever catches my eye. Robots, ships, weapons, anime characters, you name it. Hell I even dig on the simple stuff, like vending machines and arcade cabinets. (even have a few Cubees lying around the house)

    Anyway. I'll poke around some more. Learn my way around the place. General lurking and what-not. Try and get the feel of the community, and see how things go.

    Thanks, and see you around!:thumb:
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    lindley, Thank You for posting. If you narrow down something you may want to try, let us know, I'm sure we can find you something, and probably FREE! :)

    This is one of my favorite sites for some FREE planes. Superior quality.