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    Oct 27, 2010
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    My name is Sojakai, but I go by Soja. I am pretty new to this form of model making and a bit more familiar with plastic models.

    I am trying to get into this because of a desire to make armor/weapons/items from games, and general items from tv and movies that I think are interesting.

    It sounds kind of generic, but I tend to have an eclectic sense of interest... and a desire to sit, in full armor (Anarchy Online), on the lawn in front of a friends house and wait for him to spot me... or be found at the front door holding a "Mission Key" and complaining how I cant get through the door and that I am sure its the right one. ^.^

    I am also interested in building Astromechs, daleks, and who knows what else might pop up between now and whenever I have the money and can get away with buying the parts to start on the projects, instead of just holding onto the plans and reading the forums. But for now, I dream of the build, and look forward to the day I get to start.
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    Welcome aboard. There are a few modelers out there who are into cos-play. You may have to search a few more paper modeling sites for more costumes but hey are out there. In the scratch building and plastic world Dakkadakka.com, there is a section for warhammer costumes in the cos-play category. Whatever you do or decide, come back and post some pictures of your works. Enjoy and see you around the forums.