Hiya from sunny New England!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DSterling, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Dec 28, 2011
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    ..where the lobstah is wicked good!

    I'm just getting back into model railroading after a 35 year hiatus. Glad to be here.

    It all started a few months ago with somebody giving me a box of old HO scale train stuff that he had picked up in an estate sale. He was getting rid of it and rather than throw it away! :shock:, he let me take it. When I got it home I found out that amid the twisted and rusty atlas track pieces, mangled scale trees and broken plastic building parts (whoever took down this layout was not gentle) it had several 1970's and '80's vintage DC steam and diesel engines and 30 or so freight cars of various flavors. That weekend the wife and I "just happened" :twisted: to check out the Raynham flea market where (lo and behold) I found a really good deal for another big box of mixed HO train stuff.

    Combined it's a pretty decent selection of stuff (plus a few hundred bucks in new track, switches and other necessary accoutrements) and has given me a good start on my new attic layout.

    This is my current track plan. I still have to finish the turntable and engine yard tracks.

    As you can see this train room (like most I suspect) serves a dual purpose. I should also mention at this point that i'm looking for tips on background scenery for angled walls. :thumb:

    Finally I thought I'd share a funny looking mystery building that I found in one of the boxes. I have my own ideas as to what it is but I thought i'd give you guys a crack at identifying it.

    And there it is. :thumb:

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    You have the beginnings and room for quite the layout. Go for it! oh, :welcome1: to the forum!
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    Hey New Englander, I'm a Yankee from the west side of Connecticut, holding the line against New York, which is 75 feet from my home. When is it sunny in your part, I'd like a picture of that!! I just tell them 'Ya can't get there from heretrain97[/I. works like a charm. :)