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    Hey guys,

    My name is.... not important. What is important is I am an avid fan of all things cool. I have main interests posted on my profile but nothing is off limits! Let me give you a little past present and future in the spirit of the holidays.

    I grew up with warhammer 40k. I absolutely love modelling, painting and 'converting' models. This is when my creative juices started flowing. I Didn't get into Papercraft until I was 25. A friend from my job at the time brought in a papercraft hello kitty doll for a mutual friend. I was fascinated with the model and immediately went trawling through the internet for what else was out there. At that point I made an R2-D2 model for my long term girlfriend. She absolutely loved it and as a result it didn't end there. For a surprise Christmas gift last year I built a Mewtwo doll for one of my housemates. I did start a model of adult link as well but that is still underway.

    As for my present I have a great number of projects on the go including 2 books, a business and a table top roll play game. PM me if you are interested in hearing me ramble on about any of them. As for Warhammer and paper craft I haven't picked up my knife for about a year now but I have a feeling that is about to change... I recieved a model from my GF this year of a Space Marine Storm Talon (She knows me so well) I didn't expect this at all and as I haven't done any modelling for about a year it was quite a nice surprise. This got the old juices flowing again.

    I have a great many ideas for 'conversions' for my army but none exist in the form of model/papercraft yet... at least not in the right scale. This is my future. In order to complete my table top roll play game I need to find or create a few models. I want to have the skill to be in the same league as some of you and create such amazingly detailed beasts of models!! That's when I came across this forum.

    Anyway that's enough about me, how are you today?:thumb:
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    Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the forum. I assume that you have browsed through the site and have found out that the only limit to building a model, is your imagination. Be sure to check the rules, and the downloading policy, there is a waiting period. With those niceties out of the way, yo will enjoy what the forum has to offer. There are a couple of Storm talon builds as well a a free download of that bird here. While you are waiting for access to the downloads, check out armorman's 40K thread, he has available 40K downloads for your pleasure. If there is a model that interests you in any genre, check around to see if someone has built it and you can learn to avoid any problems encountered while building it. If you run into any problems while building a certain model, do not hesitate to post a photo of the offending part and your problem that you are having with it. The name of the game is to enjoy yourself and share photos of your works. Again, welcome aboard and see you around the forum.
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    :welcome1 to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your builds. Let us know if there is anything particular you are looking for.