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    My name is Richard and I'm based in the UK.

    I have an engineering background and a passing interest in most areas of model building. My biggest problems is the fact that five years ago (well into my 40's) I left my career in engineering/manufacturing and retrained as a primary school teacher, since then I have had absolutly no time whatsoever to pursue and of my interests.

    I will be honest here, I came upon your site more by luck than judgement while trying to track down some papercraft star trek TOS equipment (Tricorder, communicator, Phaser) for a possible New Years Eve fancy dress. (I am looking now as i am currently off work unril after new year recovering from a recent operation). However I have just read the sticky and I do not want to make the same mistake as Red Shirt Dave.

    I am no leach (although yes I do have some specific downloads in mind), so I will try to contribute rather than spam, but please let me know if my posts are not up to scratch as time will become a problem again in the new year.

    Here are some of the things I do/have done/own that may be of relevance.
    Aircarft Models,
    Have build many plastic scale models (although none recently), I have a couple of classic Airfix kits hidden away for a rainy day (bought cheap from a charity shop)
    Used to build R/C flying models for my dad, but time and money dont alow so limited to flying R/C simulator (Realfilght G4)
    Plastic models
    Will build anything if it takes my fancy, and the price is right.
    Have only built a few models so far, mainly aircraft, but also a few simple animals whe the kids were younger. Helped my son build a papaercraft trebuchet last year which we used as a template to build another in wood for a school project (and it worked!!, well done son)
    Own a large collection of N-guage with my father-in-law who collected for many years before he got too old. Have been working on a simple layout woth my son, but progress is very slow (due to time)
    Slot Cars
    Own some early scalextric, some passed down from my dad, some from when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's. Dont get much chance to play with it though.
    Dolls house.
    Started building a dolls house from kit when my daughter was about 5. She is now 14 and its still nowhere near completion. (The US company that produced it went out of business I have had ist so long).

    So all in all you can probably get a picture of what I am like from this.

    Over worked, lacking in free time and a bad father who never finishes anything for his kids :cry:
    Sill the thought is there.

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    :welcome1: to the forum. I read most of your post. Forget all of that stuff. Come here, put your worries aside, find a model, build it, talk about stuff, and just hang out. If yu design a model, do the design thread on here. You can still be a teacher and have fun. You will find many willing students. Welcome aboard! :)
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    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have quite an interesting history and many interests.

    You mentioned that you like Star Trek and are looking for models related to Star Trek. Here is a website that has quite a few paper model props (i.e. phaser, communicator, tricorder, and more):

    I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for.

    By all means, please post photos of some of the models that you have already finished. Everyone like photos.

    Once again welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Thanks for the link Rhaven Blaack. I might have a go at one of those on Monday. (Weekends are for family, when I am not preparing for the following week). Just hope they print out on A4 ok as I don'e have and letter size card/paper. I will post a pic if all goes well.
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    Welcome aboard. You have come to the right place for a hobby that not only is pleasing to the builder, but an educational asset as well. There are many here like the trebuchet that can be useful in a classroom environment, From science, all kinds of aeronautical and space vehicles. Nature, all kinds of endangered species. Architecture, lots of buildings and some furniture to finish off that doll house. Mathematics, all kinds of polyhedral and angled objects. Aviation, from Da-Vinci to modern aviation. Transportation, all kinds of vehicles. For the railroad, many buildings and sceneries to enhance your layout. Nautical, All kinds of ships, boats. The list is tremendous, use this site as a training tool to teach younglings. As an extra enticement, many of the models are free and in a school atmosphere, use the school copier to print out simple models for the kiddies. Enjoy and hope to see some of your works here.