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    ...but I grew up in the other Washington. I have great memories of my dad taking me to the Northwest Model Hobby Expo at the Puyallup Fairgrounds every year. Paper Models International was a mail order company out of Beaverton, OR and they always had a huge booth with most of their inventory, so I would save all my Christmas money for early February and blow it all there in about 5 minutes. I was an absolute fanatic. My last major coup (before losing interest in everything but girls) was that I managed to order a few L'Instant Durable models from France--no small feat for a kid in the pre-internet days.

    Recently I got nostalgic and surfed the internet for card modeling. I can't believe how sophisticated everything has gotten! So, I picked up a pack of #11 X-Acto blades and a bottle of Aleene's glue and I'm ready to get started again.
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    Well, you came to a great site. Are there any particular genres that you are interested in? There are 10's of 100's of FREE models available. If you list your interests, we can steer you in that direction. Welcome to Zealot! :)