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    Hi there

    I have been hanging around since the beginning of the year but I'm not much of a joiner. I was hoping not to draw too much attention to myself but apparently I'm breaking the rules so here is the deep end and I'm jumping in it.

    My name is Amy and I'm from Australia. I like all sorts of craft but papercraft has been my biggest love then when I was bored one day around Christmas I found there is such thing as model making and I have been hooked on that ever since.

    I have made a few things, my biggest and best is a Yoshi but in the effort of making that over two weeks I got what I now refer to as 'craft knife finger' where my index finger knuckle feels like it has been crushed which resulted in me screaming I had broken a finger when I sleepily forgot about my papercrafting injury and flushed the toilet with it one night.

    I like to try and convince my friends that papercrafting is an extreme sport in itself but only other crafters really understand. We have to deal with injury, sharp stuff, glue and not to mention the constant threat of paper cuts.

    For my next project I would like to add a paper Canon 5D MII camera to my collection of real Canon 5Ds by making one for my husband's birthday next month. So, in the nicest, not 'gimme gimme' way, is someone able to send me the files for these if they have them? They were available free from the Canon website back in 2010 but there doesn't seem to be any active links left anywhere anymore.

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    Hi Amy, Welcome to the forum, I just sent you a P.M. (Private Message) Welcome aboard. :)
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    Oh, you come from the land down under...


    Welcome! It's my dream to one day go "down under" and know your beautiful and amazingly peculiar country. I say peculiar because it's different from anything else, and that makes it even more interesting.
    I'm sorry to hear about your injury, and hope that it heals soon enough. Maybe you should consider seeing a doctor, if you haven't already?
    Remember that the point of this hobby, which has got us all hooked up, is to have fun, so take it easy, and you''l enjoy it a lot more.
    All the best,