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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Hi everyone...:wave:

    I like to say hi to everyone.. I'm from the east coast of canada, served in the military for 13 years.. I've been modeling in plastic for the last 26 years now.. my area of interest is in military and sci fi models...
    I've been watching the paper modeling community for the last few years, but haven't really gave it the close attention.. seeing the early models lack of depth and color that i could get threw plastic..
    But after viewing models made by some of your modelers I am in awe at the detail, strength of structures as well as color shades and effects you people have created. I have to say I love to start modeling in this medium, picking the brains of the members to achieve the desired effects...
    As plastic continues to rise in costs, wall1 I like other modelers are looking for cheaper materials.. I look forward reading the forums and submitting my own idea's and builds to the community..aussie
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    :welcome1: to the forum. A lot of people turn to card modeling for the same reasons, some realize that through careful planning, and not just limiting yourself to paper, you can achieve incredible results.

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    Please make sure to stay in "active" threads. The old ones are for archival purposes. Welcome aboard! :)