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    So, I got into the hobby a long time ago, somewhere in early middle school. Then, a couple years later, I stopped cold. No idea why. But in the last two years I have picked it up with a ridiculous fervor and much less time.

    I started working on a small night goblin cult... Oh, I guess I should say- Warhammer has been the hobby for me, though I have still not played a game. I enjoy the narrative aspect the most, I think. Then the hobby. I love making things and telling stories.

    SO- Night goblins got me back into the hobby, with their lovable little squigs. I started work on a squig cult that is getting a small scenic display board when it's done. Then the 40K bug got me, and I haven't paid as much attention to the cult since. Another, much bigger, 40K scenic table came out of my head with Orks, Humans, Eldar, Chaos and Kroot.

    I feel kind of overwhelmed by it sometimes, but that is just because progress is slow. I don't really have much time to work on anything and I find it difficult to concentrate at home. But I do my best and I keep pluggin' away.

    Anyhow, I found and decided to sign up to this forum (Dakkadakka is my main forum of use) because of one user in particular; silveroxide started posting on Dakkadakka yesterday, I think (!), and another user gave me the link to the thread.

    Now, I have been looking for paper cut-out models for about three months (off and on) and I haven't been able to find anything as nice and detailed as these. I found some nice big truck cut-outs, but nothing for tires, just the body of the truck. So, here I am, ready to share and receive.

    A big thanks to silveroxide for sharing those great cut-outs, and to anyone else I have yet to find on this forum. Thanks!