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  1. im new to this and have a PureTen EP Alpha 2 4WD made by Kyosho, will i be able to drift this and what will i need? iv upgraded the speen controler and motor!

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    It happens :lol: But if you have any specific questions, please, dont hesitate to ask! We're here to help :!:
  4. well i do yea! im live in the uk and not sure where i can get some drift tyres from? i have seen them on ebay but there all USA based and charge the same amount for the tyres as they do for the postage. you know of any supliers? :cry:

    i have sum pics up my car soon! im shell less at the mo after a a issue with a kirb! :lol:
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    Well, drift tyres arent something "specific". Im not familar with any UK dealers, other then on the net :? Basicly all you need to do is find a hardware store that sells like plumbing plastic tubing (PVC, ABS) and find some to fit a rim, then cut it to your desigered legnth. Unless your looking for specific Yok or HPI Tyres.
  6. yea i sort of wanted sum yok or hpi's but seen on ebay a company called drift specialests that will ship to the uk so i think there my only hope! :p

    im so down as i have seen so much cool stuff in th USA and my local hobby store just told me where about 6-12 behind you guys but he was awear of RC Drifting so theres little bit of hope! :lol:
  7. at last my tyres arived off ebay and god dammmm there amazine! just little turn then move slowly..... full throttal and its sideways all the way down the road!!!!

    just perfecting my skills now and then i maybe shoot some footage! :lol: