Hey what up everyone :)

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    Hey wat up everyone well let me introduce my self :) k
    My name is Jonathan and i love drifting ever since i was six-seven years old
    lol even though im sixteen :) Well i fell in love with drifting when i saw some videos on my pc . now im not sure what it is but i love it and now i see that theres rc drifting and i love that even more lol but im not sure what to do .... I know i need a rc but witch one theres electric and gas and im thinking on buying the eletric one just couse its cheaper.. im not sure its just that i dont really have a job so ...... lol iv had this little cheap rc not even for drifting cost me 10$ lol so i taped up the wheels just to make it slide lol it worked but didnt slide as much ....... if theres any suggestions can you post here Thank You :)