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  1. does it matter by the mhz? does mhz tell u how far it goes?
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    Doesn't affect the range but I do believe some frequencies are clearer than others. I am in Australia and I use 40mHZ which doesn't glitch much at all.
  3. o :?. mine runs 49mhz. mine glitched once so far.
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    the mHz doesnt affect range as much as channel does. AM has shorter range and is more suseptable to glitches then FM. However i know in america theres 75 and 27, then you can order 40mHz. 75 and 27 are open frequences used by household applyences. 40 is ILLEAGLE in america unless you were trained to use it and have the proper licenceing. 75 also has more Frequencies then 27, so theres less chance that somone will disrupt your play, but imo 27 is less used, so it doesnt really matter.
  5. so wat do u drive? sparkey? i nevered seen urs before
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    In the pics section i have pictures of my garage. I mostly drive my TC3 with Ko Propo Mars EX-1, or T-Maxx. But i have many many others.