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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by parrots, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. parrots

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    im just getting into rc cars and drifting them and i hope to learn a lot from you people here
    i have a few questions to ask right now
    is this an ok car for drifting
    i just want to get the feel of drifting before i go out and buy a 500 dollar car
    i also want to know if electrical tape over the tires will work
    and what kind of glue do you use for pvc/abs tires, i want to be able to reuse the rims over and over
    and anything i should know before i get a car
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  2. parrots

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  3. THX1138

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    Do you already have a radio or any other electronics?

  4. parrots

    parrots Guest

    i dont have anything
    do i need that for those cars?
  5. THX1138

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    If it says RTR all you should need are batteries. I was gonna suggest one of the Tamiya cars. The Subaru Drift Spec. They run $130 for the kit. The kit includes an ESC and motor. You can then find a decent Futaba 2CH for about $80. This will include a steering servo and reciever. After that you will need a bettery and charger. Good sport packs can be had for about $20 if you shop around. Chargers will run from $20 to $300. The charger is one place not to skimp on as it will get a lot of use and can help you batteries last longer over time. Her are some links that may or may not help.

    http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0095p?FVSEARCH=futaba 2ch&FVPROFIL= &search3=Go

    This is the charger I use for my car packs...

    I hope this helps. I am new to drifting but I do know cars pretty well. These are just starting points and the world is your oyster to shuck and slurp down with Tobasco.

  6. parrots

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    i was hoping to start out with something cheap and see if i like drifting before i spend over 200 for a car
    and i also dotn know anything about putting a car together.
    but i already have a charger and batteries since i play airsoft
  7. emce

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    where can i get a drift car?

    well it's my first time gettin one and i don't know where to go....i want to find out where in ventura county, CA i can get one because it's bad ass to have one and learn to drift with an rc......can someone help me please....thanks a bunch