hey i got a 1/6th scale mitsubishi eclipse r/c car

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by mikethedrifter, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. i bought it at walmart on clearance i was wondering how i could make it a drifter
    it is rear wheel drive i can post pic if that would help
  2. chinobi

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    thats cool man but its gonna be hard for you to upgrade your car based on the fact that you bought it at walmart... i dont think they make upgrade parts for those cars... first of all, you need AWD to make a car as big as that drift... i dont know how you would do that but good luck... next you would need the right tires... try pvc or abs... they seem to be popular... umm what else... just strip down any useless parts that you see to make it lighter... but be careful what you remove... its not good to have a light car that doesnt work... if the car came with independent suspension on each wheel... try experementing with them to best suit a drift setting... hard front and soft rear... that should work...

    well thats pretty much it... good luck dude...
    hope i helped...
  3. Kenji_Sasaki

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    oh if your going to modify it to drift you will have to some how mount the engine on the front of the chassis just like a real rwd drifter! Your car as of now is probably a MR mid engine rear drive which is not ideal for a drift machine, You will most likely spin out and lose control if you attempt drifting.
  4. My suggestion, gut the cars electronics, put in some hobby grade stuff thats actually proportional,then mod your suspension with oil dampers and wrap your rims in pvc.... bam drift monster, mind you it will be harder to drift being that its rear wheel drive. but anyways good luck.
  5. chromecarz00

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    my suggestion, sell it on ebay. sorry to be mean, but here is my logic.

    1) Wal-mart is NOT hobby grade. You cant upgrade them, at least not well.
    2) Even if there are parts to upgrade, your number is EXTREMELY LIMITED. Most hop-ups are for 1:10 scale cars.
    3) Not many people have experience in 1:6 scale cars. So help is limited.
    4) The entire physics of a 1:6 scale is diferent from a 1:10 scale. So all the help we give you could be completely useless.
    5) RWD isnt good for drifting on the small scale...or for you, medium scale.

    If you want a drift car, then forget this Wal-mart stuff. Sell the car on ebay, or give it to someone as a gift. Look on ebay for good deals. Ive seen a relatively decent drift car on ebay for $80. If thats above your price range, then youre not going to get much, unless you get lucky in some auction. Good luck.

    Any questions?