hey all new if your new to drift read this....

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    my name is john,i am fairly new to drift i've been racing r/c cars for 14 years,but drift only for a year or two.For all you newbies any car can drift.i ve have also taking the liberty of looking for some cheap 4wd tourings cars that would fit most poeple's budjets.the cars are complete ready to run kits and they look to be very good for a newbie to drift with. the web site also has kits that you are able to build which would allow the builder to become more familiar with how a r/c car works/and how to tune/fix them.i have a vast assortment of cars some of my cars include zipzaps 1/64 scale ,e-maxx off roading monster truck,a tc3 for touring, a bolink funny car for those hot summer drag races , 2 koyosho mini z,one for race one for drift,and finally my tc4 for 1/10 drift. the work to my tc4 so far has been drift tires(hpi 3 mm)Yes i know that the car is a 190 mm(26mmtires) but i put a 200 mm body on it.i hav also tightned the rear diff this helps the car stay straight/ sideways by making both rear tires spin at the same speed.With a loose diff i noticed that the side with the most weight would normally spin slower then the side with less weight(weather if was in a drift turn or going straight a loose diff and drift tires is a bad combo to run) the result of the un even spinning of rear tires increases chances of spinouts ,loss drifts,and curb kissing.the suspension for my car ramains stock with minor exception of 1 large shock shim in the fronts and 2 med shock shims in the rear.(i plan on redoing the suspension to better suit drifting.well everyone i'm off to the races if there are any questions about any thing feel free to mail or message me i know alot about remote control cars and can help with most of your needs