Hermes APC (WIP)

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    I rarely able to focus long on one project (as many of you have seen I'm sure), allowing my muse to drive when I cannot continue for whatever reason is holding a particular design. I tend to be fairly particular, and often am easily distracted, especially once I've plateaued (stopped learning) or once a project extends beyond my attention range. That said, it usually means I juggle a fair few projects at a time. While I intend to finish all of them, they do take awhile, so those of you watching other threads, please be patient while my muse takes me where she wonts.

    I've had this design in the works for a while. I started it manually, then stopped due to the challenge of the level of detail I wanted, but could not do with manual geometry. Its been shelved for a few years now, but I got the bug to pick it up again, this time in 3d. While it is based on an existing APC (I'll let you all guess which) all of the detailing and interior will be my own design (and it already differs a fair bit from the core inspiration). It will be the first of a series of Armoured vehicles based on the same chassis, and will be nominally set in a futuristic world of my own devising. I will be releasing figures to compliment it as well, although that will wait until I'm done the SW 'trooper series I've started.

    This will nominally be designed for 1:50, although I will likely release both that and a 1:35 scale. at 1:50 it will be about 7 cm by 12 cm (slightly larger than the base vehicle I'm modeling it on).

    I'm not a 'tank guy' (although I love tanks), so I was honestly surprised when doing research at the sheer amount of diversity in modern fighting vehicles and the recursive chassis uses for various combat requirements.


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