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    Hi, you guys must know this story by now :) , i've built my first Radio Controlled anything, a tt-01 chassis in june and really, all i wanted to do with it was drift, drift, drift... i took it out only three times since completing it. on the first time, it was standard and driftin was a bit impossible. Anyway, recently i put in a tamiya sport-tuned motor, alumin shaft, the tamiya drift tires, upgraded the gearing, installed the adj tie-rod ends (front) (dont know if they come for rear), and locked the back diff, the rest of the car is standard. I then took it out again... It was really fun, then I got such a big scare! , cause just when the battery was about dead, i picked my car up and burnt my finger on the motor... when i checked the rest of the car, i found the speed contr was boilling hot and the battery was very hot too...
    i am very worried that i might be braking the car. Please tell me if this is normal, and if its not whats wrong and how can i fix it...

    PS: This is my first time using this forum (in fact,its my first time using any form), how do i get replys to this ques?

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    first and foremost let the car cool after every three batteries....this will prolong the life of the motor/brushes and allow the motor to run better...second check the lash(spacing between pinion gear{on the motor} and spur gear{connected to drive sys}) the spur gear should be able to wiggle a very slight bit without moving the pinion.......if your lash is too tight loosen it up until this can be done...3rd thing if you changed the motor did you buy a new pinion gear??? over or under gearing of a car puts excess strain on the motor which will normally destroy a speed control/motor.....if these things all come out ok then look at your run times per average is 15 mins for a 1500mah,24mins for a 2400mah if your running slightly less thats normal due to the new motor but if you run times are alot less then listen to the car.. it will normally tell you where the problem is..i know this sounds crazy but it works i had a similar problen with my tc3(touring car of mine) and when i tested the common problems everything was fine.......the problem was a bad ball bearing that was on the drive shaft....the only i knew this was by listening to the car.... this bearing if left unfixed would have probally burnt up the motor considering that with a 2400mah pack i was only getting 6 mins of good run time..also look at the proformance of the car that will also give you clues to what the problem could be......if the car checks out normal and that was normal temp. for the motor i would invest in a motor heat sink and the supplies to clean the motor
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    ps try running just the motor it could be bad as well.....also listen to the car free wheel (take motor out and push car) there should be no clicking ,grinding ,sweaking, rattle let me know how it goes -john