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    I have a hpi rs4 off road car. I have just bought some abs tires. But when I install them I just spin in circles. What can I do to fix this. Help guys I want to drift so bad. Help me out please. I suck oh so bad. I need help.
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    Hrm, drifting buggies and trucks... thats a new angle on it...

    I havent experimented much with doing this with Buggies and Stadium trucks, but i will tell you NOT to use ABS. Use REALLY hard compound, or accuall "Drift" spec rubbers. With RWD and ABS, its almost impossible to stay stright, unless you feather the throttle, and thats not easy without steering and throttle curves (Like on a KO Propo Mars EX-1 or Helios EX-10).

    Try useing some rubbers, or even look into a AWD conversion.
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    well the car is all wheel drive. That is what I don't get it just turns in circles with thise tires. what should I do man
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    Really. Hrm, umm, well, HPI is being dumb and not giving me much info on it. Only a few pics, and not of the chassis. My only guess from here would be that something in the drive is tweeked, or the way its set up just doesnt allow for that much loss of traction. I've never had such a problem. As of now i can only say tear it down, and re-build. Replace any old o rings, anything bent or broken, and greese everything real good. Make sure nothing is installed backwards. Dont take this as me calling you a noob, im just saying that because a lot of times people will install things backward to give more camber or such... my TC3 has two front shock mounts :idea:

    Outside of the re-build or rubber "drift" spec tyres, im dumbfounded. I'll try and dig up some more dirt on the car, its like HPI doesnt want it to be known of its existace...
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    HPI RS4 Rally

    I belive he has the HPI RS4 rally car, wich is basicly the same car as the HPI pro or pro2. The rs4 rally is 200mm wide with shock shaft's that give the car about an inch of ground clearence.

    Try lowering your car so it only sits about a 1/4 inch from the ground, this will give you less body roll and may let the front of your car push more.
    You may need to get shorter shock shaft's or a new set of shock's set up for on road use.
    Also the rs4 rally comes with gear difs because of the intended off road use. You may want to get ball difs for on road, they can be adjusted for better handling. As to gear difs wich are fixed (aka non adjustable).
    The ball difs made for the HPI pro2 are the same used in the rs4 rally. I know this because I have the pro2 and my brother has the rs4 rally, they both have the same gear boxes and they are almost the same exact car.

    I hope this helps both of you, as I am new to drifting my self. :?
    But I do know a little about that car. :wink: