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    Looking for friendly advice,

    I'm not a collector nor modeler (yet). However, 10 years ago, I thought I would pick up on the hobby and went nuts with some purchases. One in particular was a Mantua, President Washington (B&O). It was from their then new Collectors Series. I just dug out some storage boxes and found it. It's still in the shipping box from Mantua. I have everything including, wood display base, the original trifold glossy brochure on it as well as the original catologue and price lists, even the invoice ($200).

    I wanted to get some information on current pricing etc. from their website and found out they are no longer in business, which made me think I might have something of value now. I thought a forum would be a good place to start.

    I don't need to sell it, but even if I decide to model a railroad in the future I don't see myself collecting. If it's worth something to a collector then I would consider parting with it. I have another Mantua Locomotive I need to find - also new and never used. I will post once I find it.

    Can someone give me fair guidance on the value now and how I might go about selling. Would eBay be the best way to go? Also, is their a website or reference book that lists collector values on this stuff.

    Regards, RP