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    i recently started card model building and have found a few sites on the internet which are in korean, and i was wondering if i could get a little help finding my way around them. the sites are sites such as:

    종ì´ì²œí•˜ - íšŒì› ì*•ë³´ 수ì*• 기간 입니다
    ³×À̹ö Ä«Æä :: ½ÃÁð2 ¿ÀÇÂ!

    both these sites have *amazing* paper models, but is there a section on these sites where i can download / buy some of the models shown?

    i have tried google translate, but sometimes the results can be even more cryptic than the original :)

    my interests lie specifically in gundam models, and lately i have been dying for a model such as june-san's models with articulation. does someone here have a legally distributable model which they are willing to share along these lines?

    if anyone could please help with any of the above i would appreciate it greatly.

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    I guess this is perfect timing..
    I was about to post following message here..
    Hope this helps..

    Hi all,

    This is Jin from, Korean paper-model community website.
    As some of you guys remember, we had a bad accident last year but finally we almost came back.

    Maybe already noticed, we don't have any limitation on accessing our site and downloading files anymore.
    However, I believe there still could be inconvenience to translate the pages by using automatic translator,
    usually ended up with full of non-senses.
    So we are trying a test drive of a dedicated bulletin board for non-Korean speakers
    in order to answer any question on using our site.

    You can follow the (bold red) link 'English' on the top page,
    or just Global board

    Thanks all,

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    very cool! gonna go check it out :)
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    Usually you are required to use your personal identification number (kind of like a Social Insurance Number) to be able to register and access those sites. So unless your Korean and have citizenship, I think your out of luck.
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    The main way to register for cafe.naver does require a Korean ID number, but it is possible for a non-Korean to register. This route requires a cellphone; partway through the registration process they send you an ID number as a text message, which you enter to proceed in the process. I have done it, with the help of my Korean-speaking wife. Message me and I can send some written instruction that might help.
    There is no substitute for literacy; currently I am perplexed by seemingly being limited to membership in a maximum of four "cafes". (In Korea, Naver is bigger than Google, and its many, many paper modeling cafes are just the tiniest part of it.) Let me recommend, seriously, learning at least the Korean written alphabet (Hangul). It is easy and phonetic, and if you can sound out "ro-bo-tu" or "gun-dam", you have a leg up.