Help! returning to the rc world I need advice on tuning!

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by rx7 punk, Jun 11, 2005.

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    well Ill start by introducing myself, Im 18 and have been into rc cars since 15. back in the day I was hardcore into indoor carpet racing then I bought my first car, a 1988 turbo rx7, you guy and gals might know my car as the rx7 FC3S. As you could have guess I shorty there after put my rc stock car in the closet and have lost interest. Now after 3 years I see someone posting on the local rx7 forum about their FC drifter rc car, I get curious and have since been bit by the rc bug again lol. Anyway I went ahead and bought the Yoko FC3S body for my 1/10 chassis but now I need tips on the other little gadgets to tune it, ie: camber kits and such. Like I said I can drift my 2500lbs 320hp turbo FC around a hairpin but I can't set tune a 4lb rc car. Any help would be great, I already have all the servos/chargers/remotes etc. I just need help with the little dudads and cool add ons.

    Also I noticed some kits have differnt body kits on them, On my real car I have a gp sports kit Uber $$$$ to get from Japan so Im guessing there should be a body kit for my rc car that looks like my real car or are the body kits interchangable on rc cars?

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    different bodies can be bought, but no body kits. any that u see were custom.

    as for tuning tips check the main site, and as soon as i get my keyboard put back togeather ill help a bit more :wink:
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    thanks for the knowledge, ill be around so when ever you have that dmn thing back together drop me a line :D
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    Hey, sorry it took so long. I wrote a reply, computer shut down :oops:

    So then, basic set ups are Stiff rear, around 3-4 front camber, PVC, low gearing and batteries twoards the rear. Also, one MAJOR thing to watch out for, is balance. Check the Side to Side balace so you can get nice smooth transitions.

    Other then that, just play around with differnt settings. Try rubber tires, with electrical tape on the inside. Lower turn motors, things like that. And you will eventually find "the perfect" set up for you.
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    Depending on the Spring softness you need or not need camber in the front.
    Compared to my friends setup stiff all around. Mine is pretty soft. HPI Orange srpings in the front and pink in the back.

    but yea the weight is an issue to make nice drift transition. esp whneu battery lies on one side. I had a pro 3 and that one drift like heaven in both ways with no mod needed. my Pro4 in the otehr hand got troubles making even drifts to both sides.

    Its like trying to drift in a real car and someon stuffed a 400 pound fat ass on ur passenger seat.