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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by d123q, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Dec 24, 2006
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    Hey Guys,
    My names Daniel and im 14 years old. I got into RC Drifting after watching some videos on YouTube :) . I own a 4WD nitro powered RC CAR with an O.S otor , and I am in love with my car. I am not sure of my "setup" as I havent bought any specific drift orientated RC cars only the one I have, which I am sure was ment for speed. I frequently take my car out to local car parks with a bottle of water and some electrical tape to have some fun, If you know what I meen, and let me tell you, it loves to drift, so I am sure there will be no problem with that. But before I finish up I have some questions to ask:

    1. I know most people recommend electric RC cars for drifting, but I think my car is VERY, VERY sturdy. Is there any special precautions I should take?

    2. Soon, I am going to set off to my local hardware shop to buy some ABS pipe, so I can start drifting properly. How can I be sure that my car is ment to be taken sideways?

    3. I live in Sydney, Australia and am not sure were to get the: HKS Genki S15 Cover from, is their anyone that has any ideas?

    4. Where can I find MY setup?

    5. Is it OK to drift without having an RC car especially built for drifting? Cause I want to know if my car has got what it takes. I have allready said that I think it does, but thats my unprofessional point of view.

    Thanks Guys, Awaiting Reply ASAP Please Guys!


    EDIT:I have found my car make model :)

    Its a GV V2000. There are alot of extras so im happy :)

    eg: I found one site:

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    Sep 26, 2006
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    This car seems fine, special precautions I would take probably run the fuel mixture on the carb more on the rich side, this will protect the motor from getting to hot and may prevent lean out when sideways. Some of the fuel tanks that dont have baffles to keep the fuel near the pickup line can allow the motor to go lean when drifting. Shouldnt be that big of a deal but this will help you engine last longer. A big plus is the extra smoke your car will emit from the exhaust makes for a better drifting experience. All the luck to ya, it seems the aussie drift scene is getting pretty big down under. Ive talked to a few guys from sydney on here they have some really awesome setups.