help me choose a locale for my new layout

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    As I mentioned in a thread a month or so ago I am moving soon and am getting a much larger place to put my layout. It's a 10ft by 10ft room that will be ALL MINE. I've been working on some track plans...but have recently begun to debate on what I'm going to base the main plan on.

    I'm modeling for me and my family mostly, so I'm not planning on brining the layout to any shows or anything. Because of this I'm bending a few rules proto-type wise so I can get what I want in.

    I love long snaking trains through mountains and rivers. So my main inspiration for this layout is the Rocky Mountains. But I want to base my main terminal on one city. I'm leaning towards Seattle and Vancouver for the main terminals.

    Here are my current consists (currently sitting in a display case...or awaiting a few cars... ie Rapido cars)

    10 Car Kato Daylight Special with Kato GS4
    8 Car Kato UP smooth side with Athearn two-tone Grey Challenger
    8 Car '54 CN Pullmans (Con-cor/Rapido) with soon to be kitbashed Bachmann Mountain (to hopefuly one day soon look like a U1F class)
    6 Car CP Silver & Red (con-cor) pulled by a Kato Mikado
    12 car Microtrain CN Box Car pulled by a pair of Intermountain F7's
    14 car mixed freight pulled by Bachmann Heavy Mountain
    4 car log disconnect cars pulled by a Atlas Shay

    I also have:
    Atlas GP9, Lt. Mountain (my kitbash guinea pig!), a J Class, and a Walthers 0-8-0 that would like to see some action..but they can sit in the display case for now.

    What i'm looking for is the most plausable terminal that would service all these trains. I assume the Daylight never went as far as Seattle. But I'm assuming Seattle would be the most plausible venue for my layout. I also think that basing the main terminal in Seattle would allow me to have UP freight on my layout as well. And maybe even Great Northern?
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    Seattle was served by GN, NP, SP&S, UP and MILW, IIRC. I've seen the Walthers 0-8-0 bashed into an NP 0-8-0.
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    I like the BNSF line running around Everett, just North of Seattle. It winds around and then runs South along the bay.

    Screenshot of the yard from Google Earth.
    (Facing East)

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